Past Conferences

2016: Enhancing Health in Rural and Northern Canada Sudbury, ON
2015: Better Health for Rural Canadians: from Evidence to Practice Edmonton, AB
2014: Safety & Health in Agricultural & Rural Populations: Global Perspectives (SHARP) Saskatoon, SK
2013: The Stories of Rural Health through Knowledge, Research and Collaborative Action Prince George, BC
2012: Rural and Remote Health Research: Creative Approaches Levís, Quebec
2011: Keeping it Rural: Health, Multiculturalism & the Rural-Urban Interface Richmond, BC
2010: Rural Life: Connecting Research and Policy Fredericton, NB
2009: Rural Life, Health, Environment – The Full Spectrum Kingston, ON
2008: Rural Health in Changing Environments ” – CRHRS Session, as part of PHARE International Conference Saskatoon, SK
2007: Connecting Communities: Rural & Urban Vermillion, AB
2006 Taking Action Together Prince George, BC
2005 Bridging the Distance:  Rural & Northern Health Research Quebec City, QC
2004 Rural Health: Celebrating Diversity & Strength Sudbury, ON
2003 Addressing Health & Life Issues for Rural People Saskatoon, SK
2002 Making Challenges, Creating Opportunities Halifax, NS
2001 Taking the Next Steps Saskatoon, SK
2000 Exploring the Issues, Making the Connections Ottawa, ON
1999 Rural Health Research Consortium Saskatoon, SK