Welcome to the Canadian Rural Health Research Society!

The Canadian Rural Health Research Society offers the opportunity for researchers and their collaborators to network with new and established researchers of many disciplines engaged in rural, remote and northern health research. Each year, at our annual scientific meetings in October, we discuss current findings and seek to build new and extend existing networks among those with common research interests and goals. In the autumn of 2002, we changed our name to the Canadian Rural Health Research Society from the Consortium for Rural Health Research.

Since 1999, we have worked to advance the cause of rural and remote health research in Canada. We have been successful in providing opportunities for new multi-disciplinary groupings of health researchers to meet and create new working relationships. Several research groupings, including groups in rural and remote nursing, community health, and environmental and occupational health, have gone on to achieve national research funding. We are now finding new ways to link the developing groups and networks for knowledge development and capacity building under the title of the “Canada Rural and Remote Health Studies”.