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2004 CRHRS Conference a Success!

The Fifth Canadian Rural Health Research Society Conference and the Fourth International Rural Nursing Congress, held October 21-23, 2004 in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada was a huge success. Keynote

Sudbury 2004
Sudbury, 2004
speakers, Dr. Judith Shamian and Dr. David Pearson, stimulated the audience to consider broader issues including inter-professional education and climate change and its impact on rural people and rural health respectively. In total, 75 presentations and 31 posters were presented to the 172 participants who attended the event. Topics included occupational health, nursing education for rural settings and community issues such as family supports in rural areas. Participants came from all across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to the conference, two pre-conference workshops were held. One dealt with using large databases to conduct rural health research while the other focused on preparing, recruiting and retaining health professionals in rural areas.

Sudbury 2004
Left to Right: Desley Hegney, Angeline Bushy, Sally Reel, Eleanor Ross, Jeri Dunkin, Mollie Burley, Karen Francis
The workshops provided opportunities for in-depth discussion about the topics while also generating ideas and solutions to the challenges faced by rural health researchers in conducting research and educators in the preparation of health professionals for rural areas.

The conference was also noteworthy because it was the site of the inauguration of the International Council of Nurses Rural and Remote Nurses Network (ICN RRNN). The network signifies the development of this international organization further illustrates the importance of rural health issues in a global context.




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