Seventh National Conference of the Canadian Rural Health Research Society



British Columbia Network for Aging Research (BCNAR)
Funded by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, BCNAR is a collaborative of academic researchers, researchers in community-based settings, government and the private sector. Its goal is to provide opportunities for researchers to collaborate in generating innovative aging research. Our members are from diverse settings, disciplines and organizations. The Network welcomes the participation of researchers from basic biology, health sciences, clinical practice, the social sciences and humanities, law, business administration and social policy and practice. Please visit the BCNAR website for more information about the network and becoming a member.


British Columbia Rural and Remote Health Research Network
The British Columbia Rural and Remote Health Research network is one of eight health research networks initiated by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research to support and develop the networking of health researchers across disciplines and the many institutions in B.C. The main impetus behind the formation of these networks is to build capacity, facilitate and enhance B.C.'s ability to address health issues, and align health research in BC with national and international research and funding priorities to improve competitiveness for external funding.


British Columbia Environmental and Occupational Health Research Network
The BC Environmental and Occupational Health Research Network (BCEOHRN) supports BC's environmental and occupational health researchers by building linkages to foster a new model of province-wide collaboration and communication that over time will generate ground-breaking knowledge. BCEOHRN is working to create a critical mass of resources and expertise that will increase and sustain BC's competitiveness for national and international research funding to develop new research opportunities bridging disciplines, institutions and geographical distances.

Northern Health
Northern Health is responsible for the delivery of health care across Northern British Columbia, including acute care, mental health, public health, addictions, and home and community care. The Authority covers almost two-thirds of BC’s landscape, which is home to over 300,000 people.

CSFS Carrier Sekani Family Services
Carrier Sekani Family Services, a branch society of the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council incorporated as a non profit society in 1990 with its own board of directors, constitution and by-laws, provides health, child and family and legal services to its eleven member Carrier and Sekani First Nations residing in urban and rural areas of North-Central British Columbia. Carrier Sekani Family Services endeavours to be accountable to the membership we serve as well as government agencies with whom we work.
National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health (NCCEH)
The National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health (NCCEH) is located at the BC Centre for Disease Control. It is one of six centres recently established by the Public Health Agency of Canada as part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to renew and strengthen public health. The NCCEH's focus is on environmental health, initially defined as those environmental health services currently delivered by regional and local health agencies across the country. Its function involves synthesizing, translating, and exchanging knowledge with environmental health practitioners and policymakers; identifying gaps in research and practice knowledge; and developing networks of practitioners, policymakers, and researchers in environmental health.
Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture
National Collaborating Centre in Environmental Health
National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health
National Rural Research Network