Abstracts Submission

Abstract Deadline August 6th, 2013

The conference language and abstracts are in English

Please follow the link to submit your abstract

If you cannot submit electronically, please contact the Scientific Committee chairperson for further instructions:

Rachael Wells, MA
Manager, Rural and Northern Practice Research Program
University of Northern BC
Tel: 250.960.6409
Fax: 250.960.6410

Conference Topics

  • Environmental and Social Impacts on Rural and Northern Health
  • First Nations, Metís, and Inuit Health
  • Health Professionals in Rural & Northern Locations
  • Innovation in Rural Research Delivery & Strategies
  • Knowledge Translation Strategies
  • Multicultural Health and Rural Populations
  • Physical and Work Environments
  • Rural and Northern Health Front Line Workers
  • Rural and Northern Health Services Delivery
  • Rural Communities and Health
  • Rural-Urban Interface
  • Vulnerable Populations (e.g. Rural Senior’s and Children’s Health)
  • Other

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Abstracts are limited to 350 words. Please follow the requested format for title and authors as well. The web-based form will guide you through. Both oral and poster presentations are welcome. Submissions from students are actively encouraged.

Abstract Preparation Instructions


  1. Abstract must be in English, a maximum of 350 words. This limit includes the title and authors/affiliations. Your abstract must begin with the TITLE (capitalized), followed by the author(s) and affiliation(s) on the next line. The first author listed should be the one who will present the paper. Indicate the name and address of the institution where work was conducted.
  2. Scientific/technical abstracts should cover objectives, methods, results and conclusions. Do not include references. (It is NOT satisfactory to state: “The results will be discussed.”)
  3. Non-technical abstracts should contain objectives, discussion and conclusions.
  4. If you include tables, charts or figures in the abstract, you must reduce the number of words in your submission accordingly so that the final size of your abstract is similar to a 350-word abstract.
  5. All abstracts should be submitted electronically via web (www.usask.ca/pgbc.2013) If you cannot submit electronically, please contact the conference office for further instructions.
  6. Check off under which topics your proposed abstract presentation fits.


  1. Scientific/technical and non-technical abstracts will be evaluated in terms of relevance to the conference theme, originality and quality.
  2. Submission of overlapping or redundant abstracts from the same research group with closely related data is discouraged.
  3. Abstract should not be submitted if the work is to be published or presented at a major national or international meeting prior to this conference.
  4. The Conference Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts on the basis of the submission criteria and on relative merit of the abstract.
  5. The Conference Scientific Committee will decide on the presentation format (oral or poster) of accepted abstracts. All Committee decisions regarding abstract programming are final.