Program at a Glance

Final Program

WORKSHOPS: Sunday September 20, 2015

12:30 - 2:30


Dr. Bonnie Jeffery (University of Regina)

Dr. Sylvia Abonyi (University of Saskatchewan)

Dr. Sarah Oosman (University of Saskatchewan)

Dr. Kyle Whitfield (University of Alberta)

Noreen Johns, Community Research Partner (Zelma, SK)

TJ Roy, Community Research Partner (Ile-a-la Crosse, SK)

Liz Durocher, Community Research Partner (Ile-a-la Crosse, SK)


Workshop Summary

This workshop is intended for researchers, practitioners and policy makers who are interested in learning about the fundamentals of community-based research directed at moving research findings to action. During this interactive session we will: highlight key components of community based research to integrate into research proposals and plans; identify strategies for implementing effective community-based research and identify the successes and challenges from the perspective of both academic researchers and community research partners. The presenters will highlight specific strategies and approaches through case examples of current research with rural and northern communities.


The goal of this workshop is to work with participants to develop their community-based research approaches in project proposals and research plans. The objectives of this workshop are:

  1. To present a framework of key components in successful community-based health research with rural and northern communities
  2.  To highlight a pragmatic approach to implementing community-based research approaches and strategies
  3. To facilitate a discussion around research that matters to rural and northern communities with emphasis on health research

Bonnie Jeffery is a professor with the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Regina based out of the Faculty’s campus in Prince Albert and also a researcher with the Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit (SPHERU). Dr. Jeffery has extensive experience in conducting community-based research with rural, remote, and northern communities and her current research program focuses on population health intervention research to support healthy aging in place for rural seniors. She is the lead editor for Journeys in Community-Based Research published by the University of Regina Press in 2014.

Sylvia Abonyi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology at the University of Saskatchewan and Acting Director of SPHERU. Trained as an anthropologist, her methodological orientation is critical ethnography approached through participatory and capacity building collaborations with colleagues, stakeholders, and communities. In her work with Indigenous peoples and communities topics of research have included a focus on specific diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS & hepatitis C, as well as broader topics such as the development of frameworks and measures of community health and healthy aging.

Sarah Oosman is an Assistant Professor in the School of Physical Therapy at the University of Saskatchewan and a Researcher with SPHERU. Sarah has collaborated with both Métis and First Nations communities focusing her research on topics including primary prevention of chronic conditions (including obesity and diabetes), healthy aging, health promotion and implementation science. Sarah’s expertise is in the area of mixed methods approaches to understanding health behaviours and measuring effectiveness of health promoting intervention.

Kyle Whitfield uses a community-based approach in her research and focuses on exploring the many factors involved in communities planning and providing their own health care. In a current research project, for example, she is curious about the value and outcomes of communities leading hospice care planning and provision. She is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta and teaches “Community Planning and Policy” at the undergraduate level and “Health, Community and Development” at the graduate level. She is also a Registered Professional Planner in Canada.



Dr. Elham Emami (Université de Montréal)

The Basics of  the E-Health Approach for Rural Contexts


Dr. Roger Butler and Dr. Gerard Farrell (Memorial University)

Designing and App for TeleGeriatric Care of Rural Seniors with Dementia


Dr. Stephen Bornstein (Memorial University)

Using Telemedicine for Specialist/Patient Consultations


Dr. Nicholas  Giraudeau (Université de Montpellier, France)

Telemedicine for Rural Oral Health Services

Workshop Summary

This 2-hour interactive workshop will provide an introduction to E- health and its use in rural and northern settings. The session will cover the basic concepts of e-health and present several case studies examining the uses and limitations of delivering various types of health services electronically to patients in rural and northern communities in Canada and elsewhere. The presentations and the discussion will be of interest to researchers, graduate students, clinicians and policy makers interested in the implementation of technology-based solutions to the challenges of rural and northern health care.


Attendees will:

  1. learn about the variety of approaches to e-health;
  2. examine the application of e-health approaches to a variety of rural and northern health delivery challenges;
  3. discuss the strengths and limitations of electronic health delivery for rural and northern populations.