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“Facilitating research and knowledge translation aimed at understanding and promoting the health of people living in rural and remote Canada”

Message from the Chair and Vice Chair (2003-2004)

We are delighted to greet you on behalf of the Canadian Rural Health Research Society!

International scientific meetings on rural health issues in Lethbridge and Saskatoon in 1998, were followed by the first Rural Health Research Consortium meeting in Saskatoon in 1999, and the Prince George Rural Health Research Summit in the same year. In March of 2000, the Rural Health Research Consortium received funding through the MRC/CIHR Opportunities fund, in April we met to define our vision, mission and five-year goals, and in October 2000 we held our first National Scientific Meeting in Ottawa.

Chairs 2003-4
Past Chairs James A. Dosman and Martha MacLeod

In 2001, the Consortium presented to the CIHR a proposed strategy for thedcf development of rural health research.

The Second Annual National Scientific Meeting, in 2001, in Saskatoon, coincided with a CIHR initiative in rural health. Many rural health researchers met in Thunder Bay in March 2002, where the decision to find new ways of linking research projects as the “Canada Rural and Remote Health Studies”. The Thunder Bay meeting was funded by six of the Institutes of CIHR:

  1. Population and Public Health
  2. Neurosciences
  3. Mental Health and Addictions
  4. Human Development and Child and Youth Health
  5. Healthy Aging; Gender and Health
  6. Health Services and Policy Research

In Halifax, at the Third Annual Scientific Meeting, in October 2002, the Consortium moved to become the Canadian Rural Health Research Society.

The Society is continuing the directions of the Consortium. Research groupings and networks continue to develop. In April 2003, with funding support from the CIHR’s Rural Health Initiatives, a number of lead investigators met to continue the development of the Canada Rural and Remote Health Studies, which are evolving as a network of networks.

The Fourth Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in Saskatoon, October 19-23, 2003 in conjunction with the Fifth International Symposium Future of Rural Peoples: Rural Economy, Healthy People, Environment, Rural Communities. The Fifth and Sixth Annual Meetings are scheduled for 2004 in Sudbury and 2005 in Quebec City.

We hope that you will join us as members and meet us in Saskatoon in October at the next Annual Meeting and Symposium on Rural Peoples.

Martha MacLeod, PhD, RN, University of Northern British Columbia, Chair, Canadian Rural Health Research Society

James A. Dosman, MD, FRCPC, University of Saskatchewan, Vice-Chair, Canadian Rural Health Research Society

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